Grade 5 students played the role of journalist and they interviewed Ms. Japjeet Kaur Khalsa, Head of School, to know more about her journey of hard work, honesty and dedication. They learned the importance of Kirat Karo and got the inspiration to work hard on their skills, abilities, and talent for the benefit and improvement of themselves and society at large.

“It was great to have Grade 5 Crew visit as reporters and ask me some very challenging questions on the value of hard work. Hard work is one of the key Habits of Work and Learning (HoWLs) at MPA and the heart of everything that we do here. Whether we are engaging in meditation, practicing sports or applying our minds to STEM and Humanities, it is essential that we try our best and put our whole selves into the activity. 


Crew is a wonderful way to reinforce these key Habits of Work and Learning that we want all students and staff to adopt. Grade 5 Crew are beginning to learn what it means to meditate and self-reflect, work hard and share with others. They are very engaged and curious learners. I look forward to seeing them grow through their time here at MPA.” – Japjeet Kaur

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