Diwali at Miri Piri Academy: Celebrating with your school family!

Some beautiful and heartwarming moments shared between students and teachers from MPA’s Diwali  While most schools celebrate the festival of lights, at MPA, Diwali holds a special place, as our boarding school students, MPA educators along with day-scholars and their families come together to make it feel like a home away from home. From the … Continued

Happy Halloween

Halloween is always a lot of fun. Students and staff alike got into the Halloween spirit on Tuesday, using their creativity to dress up as their favourite characters.

Frisbee Spirit

The first sports competition of the year was the frisbee tournament. The students prepared for a month learning the rules of frisbee and preparing to play. The MPA spirit was present throughout the competition with students cheering each other on and giving it their all. Gold House won the round-robin tournament with Prakash Amrita Kaur, … Continued

The Anatomy of an Expedition

As we begin a new school year, we induct new teachers to MPA. Our induction program gives both new and returning teachers opportunities to learn innovative methods, strategies and skills for teaching.   This past week, an induction workshop was conducted by Ms. Amanpreet Kaur and Ms. Shalu Deora on expeditionary learning, which is a … Continued

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

A clean and green environment is a basic ideology in sustainable development. All the students, teachers and other staff members of Miri Piri Academy wholeheartedly participated in the ‘Cleanliness Drive: A community clean-up campaign’ organized at the Summer Palace, Amritsar on 9th June, 2023. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to participate as a … Continued

Aam Ka Achar

Students of grade 6 and 7 experienced first hand the food making process in preparing mango pickle with the help of a local expert. Prior to the pickling lesson, students learned the importance of food processing in boosting the shelf life of the product, preventing food-contamination, food storage and transportation and turning raw food materials … Continued

Summer Palace

On the 3rd of May, Grade 6 and 7 went on a fieldtrip to meet Vulcan Art Gallery owner Manan Kholi and to visit Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Summer Palace in the city of Amritsar. It was an interdisciplinary fieldtrip combining Art with Science. The organizing teachers were Hanna Waite (ART) and Shalu Deora (STEM).  Manan … Continued

Warhol, Lichtenstein, Haring, Hamilton and Fairey

During week three through to week six, grades 8 and 9 researched and presented an artist each from the Pop Art movement. The artists ranged from a time period of 70 years from 1953 through to today. The students wrote a text about the artist and copied one of their artworks to make the presentation. … Continued

The Lion and the Mouse

In week four, we started the learning unit about drawing in Grade 5. The first task was to imagine a picture and to transfer that image from the imagination to a piece of paper in the form of a drawing. Easier said than done!    The unit started with the teacher reading aloud a short … Continued