Japjeet Kaur Khalsa : Head of School

Japjeet Kaur Khalsa

Head of School

Japjeet Kaur is the Head of School and has had a committed career at the school. She joined MPA in 2016 as the Marketing and Fundraising Assistant and then became the Director of Residential Life and in January 2021 became the Head of School.

Focusing on leadership and management, Japjeet oversees all aspects of MPA. She is spearheading the innovation of the boarding school program, introducing day school program and the continuing education department. The learnings from Japjeet’s Master’s Degree in Private School Leadership from Columbia University Teachers College drives her creative thinking to enhance programming and how MPA curriculum is delivered.

Japjeet connects to the 3HO community members by liaising with sister organizations, board members, parents, guest teachers, staff and students. She loves to serve the students and see their growth.

Kirandeep Kaur : Academic Director

Kirandeep Kaur

Academic Director

Kirandeep Kaur is the Academic Principal with 18 years of experience in the field of teaching and education. Kirandeep uses this experience to guide the conduct and responsibilities of the academic community, including students, teachers, and administrators.

By focusing on the quality of teaching that children receive, Kirandeep has been able to put her bachelor’s degree in Business and Education to good use. Over the years, Kirandeep continues to develop her skills by attending 'Making Thinking Visible' and 'Creating Cultures of Thinking' courses offered by Harvard School of Education, USA. She is also a coach for Teachers Supervision and International Curriculum Development at Principal's Training Center (PTC, USA).

Daily interaction with students, taking in their positive energy and watching them transform through the MPA program is what gets Kirandeep up in the morning.

Sukhdev Kaur : Continuing Education Director

Sukhdev Kaur

Continuing Education Director

Sukhdev Kaur is the Director of Continuing Education with 15 years of experience helping to train teachers in Kundalini Yoga and Women's Teachings. In the early 2000's Sukhdev founded the Guru Ram Das Ashram and the School of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology in Estonia, hosting several groups a year at the ashram. Specializing in teacher training, Kundalini yoga and Sikh Dharma, Sukhdev uses her experience to provide the highest quality planning, environment, hosting and learning experience to all participants of the continuing education courses at MPA.

Sukhdev is an architect and urban planner having worked at the Estonian Academy of Arts for several years. While at MPA, she continues to share her architecture and ecological building passion with the children and staff.

Sukhdev loves spending her spare time organic gardening and practicing gatka.

Ramandeep Singh : Director of Operations

Ramandeep Singh

Director of Operations

Ramandeep Singh serves as the Director of Operations at MPA, leveraging his diverse background in Engineering and Management to drive operational excellence. With previous experience in MPA's Front Office and Admissions, Ramandeep has seamlessly transitioned into overseeing a multifaceted role. He spearheads initiatives involving liaison with government agencies and third-party stakeholders, strategically negotiating contracts and fostering collaborative partnerships to optimize operational efficiency.

Drawing upon his expertise, Ramandeep implements cost-optimization measures while ensuring quality standards are upheld across all facets of operations. His focus extends to overseeing preventive and corrective maintenance projects, leveraging his analytical prowess to identify opportunities for process enhancement and risk mitigation. Additionally, Ramandeep leads procurement efforts, meticulously evaluating vendors and implementing streamlined processes to support organizational objectives.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's in Product Design, Ramandeep brings a unique blend of technical acumen and strategic vision to his role. His commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement ensures that MPA remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence in its operational endeavors.

Noorpreet Kaur : School Counsellor and SafeGuarding Coordinator

Noorpreet Kaur

School Counsellor and SafeGuarding Coordinator

Noorpreet Kaur, our School Counsellor and SafeGuarding Coordinator, brings a wealth of experience from her roles in NGOs and hospitals, translating psychological principles into practical solutions. With a background in child protection and well-being, Noorpreet assesses potential risks, and implements safeguarding protocols. At MPA, she fosters a confidential haven for students to openly address their feelings and worries.

With an MSc in Clinical Psychology, she uses her education to foster an inclusive and secure environment that caters to the psychological, emotional, and developmental needs of students. Noorpreet aims to be a trustworthy ally, offering a listening ear and constructive advice to help students navigate the challenges of academics, personal growth, and social interactions.

Noorpreet enjoys collaborating with parents, educators, and community leaders at MPA, and contributes to creating a safe and inclusive environment where every child's holistic development is valued and prioritized.

Navpreet Dhillon : Medical Coordinator

Navpreet Dhillon

Medical Coordinator

Navpreet Kaur is the Wellness Coordinator with 15 years of experience in providing healthcare. Specializing in nursing, Navpreet uses her experience to create and implement programs and initiatives that foster physical, mental, and emotional wellness within the school community.

Navpreet has a Bachelor of Nursing degree from Liverpool John Moores University and puts her degree to good use by ensuring a safe and healthy environment for students and staff, which contributes to the overall success of MPA.

Navpreet believe in God and the path of seva simran. As a mother, she understands that children are the future of this world and is continuously inspired to give her best everyday for students at MPA.

Amandeep Singh : Front Office Manager & Admissions Officer

Amandeep Singh

Front Office Manager & Admissions Officer

With more than six years of professional experience spanning diverse sectors, Amandeep Singh has the role of Front Office Manager & Admissions Officer at Miri Piri Academy. His background includes working in positions at leading start-ups and multinational corporations, where he developed expertise in operations, sales and support, reporting, and lead generation.

At MPA, Amandeep oversees admissions processes, ensuring seamless application procedures and actively contributing to enrollment and marketing initiatives. He manages a broad spectrum of responsibilities including calendar organization, meeting coordination, and visa renewals for staff and students. Serving as a crucial liaison between internal stakeholders and external parties, he is the first point-of-contact handling admission inquiries.

Amandeep’s desire to join Miri Piri Academy was driven by the school’s strong academic reputation. The aspect he loves the most about MPA is communicating with people around the world and offering them the key to an excellent education in a safe, friendly, engaging, and happy environment. He is grateful to be part of a multilingual, multicultural and vibrant community.

Suman Arora : Account Manager

Suman Arora

Account Manager

Suman Arora, our dedicated Account Manager at MPA since 2007. With a wealth of experience in the field of finance, Suman plays a pivotal role in our accounts department, overseeing day-to-day financial operations for the school. Her expertise extends beyond the numbers, as she also serves as a valuable liaison for parents, assisting them with their accounting needs.

With a Masters in Commerce and Masters in Information Technology, Suman is an experienced financial analyst with expertise in financial statement preparation and cash flow management. She also manages our langar program and actively participates in various school projects.

Suman enjoys watching the students grow and mature throughout the school year. She often interacts with them, especially when they approach her for their pocket money needs. She also loves to visit temples and cook for her family.