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A Sanctuary of Learning

Miri Piri Academy

In the Heart of Amritsar

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MPA Continuing Education courses are a new branch of MPA that will serve the wider international sangat of adults. MPA is home for our global community and we want to offer the opportunity for adults to also have the MPA experience through different courses, yatras and Kundalini yoga teacher trainings.


“Elevate your spirit and explore new vistas of your inner space in our specialised courses, journeys, and Kundalini yoga teacher trainings in India. Our team has meticulously curated these immersion events to enhance your inner wisdom and reconnect with your soul through unforgettable experiences in India and spiritual practices in a safe environment, all with the MPA signature and the vast depth of Sikh Dharma.”

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The MPA Advantage

In-depth learning of yogic wisdom

Expand your experience, knowledge and skills by engaging in our exclusive courses with the MPA signature.

Experience the power of group practice

Unlock deeper dimensions of meditation, energy, and healing by experiencing the power of group consciousness.

Rejuvenate in the land of the Gurus

Immerse yourself in a spiritually uplifting environment, surrounded by the rich cultural heritage and wisdom of the lands.

Make new connections with sangat from around the world

Connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering global connections and expanding your network.


Testimonial One

The most amazing and transformational two weeks of my life

“Thank you! I know my life will never be the same again! I cried, I laughed, I smiled, and I let go. I got to experience the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I knew I had to be here: India and the Guru were calling! This is my second time to India but my first travelling as a single woman and at all times on this trip I have felt safe and looked after. Somehow magically, we came together from all over the world to become sisters of destiny.

For the first time ever, I got to feel true happiness and words cannot describe how beautiful that felt. I truly believe this is just the start of an incredible journey, not only for me, but for Kundalini Yoga. It’s like it has come full circle – Yogi Bhajan took it to the west, and now he is bringing it back home to India … and those who truly love him and believe in the power of his teachings will follow. A rebirth is happening and a new era awaits us!”

Sally Bradford, Australia, Women’s Gathering participant 2023

Testimonial Two

Something more powerful barely exists for me

“It was like a dream coming back on campus, looking at every little part of it again. To do Japji or Yoga in the Gurdwara again was truly special to me. It encouraged me to start a daily meditation right at the beginning of the year because I realized how good it feels to include this world in my daily life.

One thing that I learned while being a student at MPA, is to always keep up in any situation you get confronted with in life. For me, yoga and meditation were one of my favorite things that we would do together as a school. Something more powerful than that barely exists for me. I thank all the staff, the workers, the students and most importantly, my parents, who have made all of this become true. Sat Nam.”

Hardev Kaur, Germany, Alumni Camp participant 2023

Testimonial 3

Fertile ground for my spiritual development

“My time in Amritsar and particularly my stay at Miri Piri Academy (MPA) have been remarkable for the development of my self awareness and of the connection we as people share with each other. Just walking around the MPA campus I come across many reminders of the many forms of God in pictures depicting the Gurus, people who serve selflessly, and in the natural beauty of the campus.”

“Meditating, performing Sikh and Kundalini Yoga practices with the sangat in the land of the Gurus is empowering and facilitates growth and awareness that haven’t been possible for me while practising on my own in a more isolated setting at home. The combination of the spiritual context, history and sangat in Amritsar have provided fertile ground for my spiritual development.”

Bahadurjeet Singh, Española, USA, Winter Gathering Participant 2022

Upcoming Courses

Your journey awaits


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