Shalu Deora:  STEM Grade 6 & 7

To develop the scientific thinking in students, we at Miri Piri Academy promote learning by doing hands-on science activities and experiments. It helps students understand what they have learned and develops a deeper understanding of the subject. It also leads to skill development in goal setting, planning, analytical thinking and problem solving.

With this aim, students of Grade 6 & 7 participated in an experiment of melting of ice and burning dry leaves and paper to learn about physical and chemical changes in their surroundings and to understand the process of combustion.

During this experiment, the students recorded the experiments mentioning procedure, observation and conclusion. The students were curious and excited which made their learning more effective and enjoyable.

Manisha Bakshi:  Humanities Grade 6 & 7

At the start of the school year, students in grades 6 &7 were encouraged to develop comfort in speaking and giving verbal responses in English. This activity involved comparing pictures and giving verbal descriptions. It was a fun activity that enhanced students’ speaking skills. 

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