Our second annual MPA Benefit Basketball Tournament was a success with lots of students, alumni and friends of MPA coming to play and support the players. The games were exciting throughout, with the intensity kicked up an extra notch when the grand prize was announced. This year’s grand prize was a round-trip ticket to India for each of the five players on the winning team, an amazing prize graciously donated by our alumni.

Continuing the tradition from last year, the games were expertly commentated on by Shabd Singh and Satshabad Singh, with Himmat Singh facilitating the tournament. Guru Jodha Singh also made a guest appearance commentating.

Many thanks go out to all those who helped make this event a success. Thank you to all of the players, to those who contributed to our grand prize, to Jiwan Kaur for organizing the bake sale, to all those who contributed baked goods, to the commentators and score keepers, and for all those who attended this event and gave their support.

We’ll be hosting this event again next year at the same time, the Sunday at the end of Solstice. Put it in your calendars now and make this part of your Solstice experience!

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