Each year at Solstice we honour our graduates in the presence of their families and the community at Solstice for the dedication, heart and sacrifice they’ve put into their education at MPA. This year’s graduates spent between three and nine years of their lives at Miri Piri Academy, devoted to the program and the learning available to them there. They’ve done countless PTs, stood still through hundreds of formations, practiced dozens of meditations, experienced and carried the Cherdi Kala spirit in Nagar Kirtans throughout the Punjab, and been kind and compassionate to each other as they experienced all of these things thousands of miles from home. By the grace and blessing of the Guru, their parents and the community, they’ve been given this opportunity and in turn have given themselves over to the experience to be strengthened and uplifted. The graduation ceremonies at Solstice and the European Yoga Festival are our opportunity to formally congratulate the students in the presence of their families and the Sangat.

This year’s ceremony was live streamed by 3HO Foundation. The first video includes an opening Ardas, a welcome by Principal Jugat Guru Singh, a wonderful keynote address by Tommy Rosen, and speeches by all of the graduates. The second video includes a table performance, bhangra performance and gatka presentation.


Miri Piri Academy Graduation and Celebration

Posted by 3HO Foundation on Monday, June 18, 2018


Miri Piri Graduation continued

Posted by 3HO Foundation on Monday, June 18, 2018

Pictures by Hargobind Singh

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