The final special dinner this year was hosted by Blue House. The theme, “Wedding of the Century!”

The evening started out in the quad with the wedding ceremony. As the guests lined the aisle, Vladimir walked his daughter, Siri Atma, down the aisle where Prabhujot waited and James officiated the wedding. It was a short ceremony with rings brought by Ruben, the ring bearer, and sealed with a high five!

After the ceremony, guests were ushered along a candle lit path to the dining tent. The tables were nicely decorated with candles and flowers. There was a fake wedding cake and sparkling juice on ice near the entrance. After the guests settled in and service began, Prabhujot and Siri Atma ceremoniously entered the dining hall.  For the meal they served beet soup with a side of tofu for appetizer, pesto pasta and salad for the main dish and a spiced cake for dessert.

Throughout the evening, the usual wedding activities ensued. There was a speech by the bride’s father, the bride’s sister and the bride and groom themselves; Siri Atma and her friends, Sarib Jot, Surya Bahadur and Sebastian, danced for the guests, and Hargobind played a touching slide show in honour of the bride and groom. Near the end of the evening, Siri Atma gathered all the girls to throw her bouquet, which was caught by Joti and then the new bride and groom opened up the dance floor with their first dance.

It was a really fun, enjoyable evening, and great test of skill for the house and their squad leader to host this most complicated of social events.


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