“Yatra is a holy journey. We must go into the center, the heart center. It is a journey on earth to one’s ‘Isht’- one’s higher self, one’s altar. It is a self-purification.” ~Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

Last Friday we had lots of visitors on our campus. The Light of Guru Nanak Yatra travelled from November 5 – 17 to Sultanpur Lodhi with our 12th grade students and celebrated the end of their journey at Miri Piri Academy. The yatra was organized by 3HO and Sikh Dharma and lovely Shanti Kaur led the group.

In the afternoon at about 5pm it got very full on campus! There were about 70 people attending the yatra, among them Yogi Bhajan’s son Kulbir Singh who was instrumental in finding the land and building our school. Our principal Jugat Guru showed them around while our students were just finishing basketball and soccer training. Afterwards the yatra attendees and our senior students met in the gurdwara to meditate on Guru Ram Das for 11 minutes and then celebrate the end of the yatra with wonderful and inspiring speeches.

After saying Ardas together everybody went to the dining hall to enjoy dinner.

It was great having you all here!



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