Basketball is a daily ritual at MPA for so many of our students and staff, who play not only when it is mandatory but any time they have some free time. There are always students outside practicing their free throws, three pointers and playing pick-up games. Our annual Basketball Competition is an opportunity for them to show off their hard won skills and have some great fun.

As a warm-up we started with free throws, Gold and Silver scored 10 points each, Blue 8 and White 7 points.

The first game was 3×3 on one hoop, girls vs. girls, boys vs. boys. According to a study 3×3 is the largest urban team sport in the world. Wow. Although I love basketball I didn’t know that it is so popular! With great pleasure I watched our students, realizing we have some real talents here amongst both boys and girls!

Then our students could prove their skills on a special parkour, the winners were Girls Blue House, Boys Gold House, Intermediate Gold House.

Afterwards the regular basketball games 5 vs 5 were held, the teams had to consist of 2 boys, 2 girls and 1 intermediate player.

With the 3 point challenge the competition ended, the students again gave all for their houses!

  • 1st Silver House, 70 points
  • 2nd Blue House, 68 points
  • 3rd Gold House, 55 points
  • 4th White House, 42 points

Gold, Silver – 10
Blue – 8
White – 7

3 Points
Gold – 12
White, Silver – 9
Blue – 6



3×3 BOYS




3×3 Part 1

3×3 PART 2

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