Every few months Gururam Kaur organizes a trip to a school run by the Mother Teresa Foundation in Amritsar. It was previously an orphanage and is now a school for underserved children. Roughly ten to fifteen students will go each time to play games, sing songs and hand out packages of assembled items the nuns have requested. It’s uplifting for all of the students, the MPA students as well as those at the church.

During this trip, we brought care packages with balls, hair oil, biscuits, soap and other items. Generally, the kids all play together outside in the courtyard but since it’s so hot in Amritsar right now we stayed inside, singing ‘I Am Happy, I Am Good’, playing Duck, Duck, Goose and other games that were made up on the spot. At 11am we helped served lunch before it was time for us to go.

This has been a project close to Gururam Kaur’s heart and she’s been organizing these outings for the past three years. She won’t be with us next year as she’s getting married and moving on to the next stage of her life. We hope to keep up this tradition next year and in the years to follow.

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