The basketball tournament happened over the weekend. It’s a high paced competition with many parts. There are separate 3 on 3 girls and boys basketball tournaments, a skills competition consisting of an obstacle course, a three point contest and a whole house free throw contest; the final component is a full court tournament.

Skills Contest

The skills competition is always fun with lots of spectators. There was an obstacle course, a 3-point contest and a free throw contest. For the obstacle course and 3 point contest, one male and one female members was chosen from each house. The same person was not permitted to compete twice. For the free throw contest everyone participated, one squad member after the other attempting free throws.

Obstacle Course

Total time to complete skills obstacle course

Boys Girls
Narayan – 32.61 (Silver) Harsimran – 38.79 (Silver)
Hargobind – 35.62 (Blue) Caterina – 48.76 (Gold)
Dharam – 35.97 (White) Akashpreet – 52.63 (White)
Franco – 45.94 (Gold) Surya Bahadur – 56.28 (Blue)

3 Point Contest

Total number of 3 point shots sunk in 15 attempts

Boys Girls
Anmol – 4 won in shoot-off (Silver) Raminder – 4 (Blue)
Manjot – 3 (Gold) Karinna – 2 (Silver)
Gurkirat – 2 (White) Vega – 1 (Gold)
Prabhujot – 1 (Blue) Delfina – 0 (White)

Whole house free throws

Total number of Free Throws in 4 minutes cycling through the whole house

Blue House 10
Silver House 8
Gold House 7
White House 5

3v3 and Full Court Games

First up was 3v3 girls and boys basketball tournaments. Any three members of each house could participate. The final aspect of the competition was full court basketball games with five players per team. The teams consisted of two senior males, two senior females and one intermediate player.

3v3 Girls 3v3 Boys Full Court Games
Gold House Blue House Silver House
Blue House Silver House Blue House
Silver House White House White House
White House Gold House Gold House

Watching the games


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