This year’s bhangra competition had a twist. Instead of giving the houses two weeks to prepare, they were given just one day. On Thursday formation was called at 10:30am where they were given this competition as a surprise. (This is where MPA students learn to their famous flexibility and can-do spirit!) They had until 6pm to put together a two minute bhangra routine. In that time they had to gather music, choreograph the routine, practice and get in costume to perform for the rest of the school by dinner. Besides being at least two minutes long, they needed to include their whole squad for at least sixteen counts. Otherwise, they could use eight members of their squad. The result was far less polished routines than we’ve seen in the past but it was a good challenge and they had fun. In the end, Blue House and White House tied for first followed by Gold House and Silver House.

Blue House

Blue House put together a solid performance under the direction of Surya Bahadur Kaur. Their costumes were great. They were quite polished and had a nice strong energy with simple bold moves.

White House

White House had a lot of fun elements in their routine, including a semi-circle around Akashpreet and Henry and a strong ending. They managed their time well throughout the day and had nice big smiles when they danced. Gurkirat Singh and Delfina led this house’s performance.

Gold House

Gold House was led by Paramjot Kaur and Manjot Singh. This routine had more complicated moves than most, they looked great in red and came through with a good performance.

Silver House

Silver House’s routine was choreographed by Anita. This house included their whole squad in a significant portion of the choreography. It was great to see everyone included and dancing but it did seem to slow down their process. Everyone enjoyed hearing Drake’s “In My Feelings” used in this routine.


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