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Left, Right, Left


At MPA we march together as a way of practicing teamwork, coordination, leadership skills and the importance of projection. The marching competition was held this week, and was also a test in flexibility and rising to the challenge. The students had just two hours to put together a 3 minute marching demonstration. They were judged on their precision, the leader’s projection and ability to command, as well as fulfilling the mandatory list of commands, including left and right face, present arms, left and right flank, left and right column, front leaning rest position, among others. Because they practice marching every Wednesday afternoon in their squads, they are able to put together a demonstration in one afternoon. For this competition Gold House came in first followed by White House, Blue House and Silver House.

Practice photos taken by Japjeet Kaur, performance photos taken by Hargobind Singh.

Gold House


White House


Blue House

Silver House