As the year draws to a close, there are many lasts. Recently, the students completed their 40 day parkarma seva at the Golden Temple. This year’s seva was a beautiful experience and something our graduating students will surely miss. Time and again, our alumni report that one of the things they miss most about MPA is these 40 days of waking up in the middle of the night to wash the floors of the Golden Temple. Everyone gets into a rhythm with it and finds some way to connect, either through seva, dipping, banis, or even just enjoying a nice cup of chai.

On the final day of seva, we continued the spirit of service and appreciation by honouring all of the workers who serve at MPA. There are dozens of men and women who serve Miri Piri Academy each day by cleaning the classrooms and dorms, by preparing food for us to eat, by beautifying the campus, by driving students and staff and in many other countless ways. To share a token of our appreciation, we invite the workers yearly to join us for gurdwara and langar in their honour. The students and workers enjoy this time together and it’s a nice change to have the students serving those who serve them all year. It’s nice to see the workers and their families on campus enjoying a beautiful Sunday together. The students always enjoy this opportunity to serve.

Last Day of 40 Day Seva

Jivan Jot, Delfina
Zhao, Sarpreet, Mai
Narayan, Siri Atma
Ruben, Harkeerat
Lilith, Hardev
Zhao, Anita
Padma, Julien, Sat Parvan
Michèle, Angad
Ruben, Karm, Hari Simran
Dharma, Aloka, Abnashi
Sat Kriya, Johanna
Dipping Group
Sat Kriya, Hari Simran
Anita, Johanna
Buying chai
Having chai
Michèle, Sonia
Sevakprem, Siri Aadi



Wrapping presents
Wrapping presents
Making prasad
Johanna, Amber
Jugat Guru, Manjot
Serving prasad
Serving langar
Ruben handing out candy

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