Gold House did an excellent job putting their special dinner together. Each house is provided with a fixed menu to prepare, and they had some difficult items on their list. They served ginger ale to drink, French onion soup and a tofu-quiche for appetizers, Russian mushroom julienne with Waldorf salad for the main course and marzipan croissants with hot chocolate for dessert. The croissants were perhaps the most difficult item. After some initial stress and some experimentation, they came out great.

Instead of having one main cook, Gold House divided the labour. Sevak Prem Kaur and Angad Singh made the croissants, Amar Singh and Amarbir Singh made the French onion soup, Sat Kriya made the Russian mushroom julienne, and Vega and Paramjot Kaur made the quiches.

The performances were also delightful. Aloka sang ‘La Vie en Rose’ while Angad, Caterina, Manjot, Sat Kriya and Vega performed a traditional Russian folk dance. They put that routine together in two days and it was a lot of fun to watch. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in just a couple of days when everyone works together.

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