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Hiking above the Clouds

The grade 8s were the first class to head out on their class trip – a five day hike in…


Dharmic Knowledge Bowl


The Dharmic Knowledge Bowl is the sister game to the General Knowledge Bowl. It’s a Jeopardy-style competition which tests the students knowledge on a wide variety of dharmic and yogic topics. This year’s topics were diet, gurdwaras, Yogi Bhajan quotes, 3HO music, asana, lives of the gurus, kriya, lifestyle and health, santhya, and name that bani.

In ‘Name that Bani’ the students were played a recording of one of the banis which they then had to identify; ‘Santhya’ covered topics included in the humanology course, and ‘Asana’ included yogic postures to be demonstrated. There were two rounds with three Daily Doubles. The first two levels for each category were for the intermediates only.