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Anandpur Sahib, also called the Holy City of Bliss, is known world-wide as the birthplace of Khalsa. Here the Siri…

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Hola Mahalla


We just wrapped up great Holi and Hola Mahalla celebrations. The grade 5-9 students celebrated Holi at the school while the grade 10-12s travelled to Anandpur Sahib to participate in Hola Mahalla with the sangat. In Anandpur Sahib, millions of Sikhs descend upon the birthplace of the Khalsa to parade in the streets and show their martial prowess. This festival dates back to the time of Guru Gobind Singh and occurs the day after the Hindu festival Holi.

This is always an exciting event as the usually sleepy Anandpur Sahib is filled with people, horses, elephants, camels, motorcycles and jeeps. Miri Piri Academy usually participates in the parade alongside Baba Nihal Singh and his devotees. Baba Nihal Singh was a dear friend of the Siri Singh Sahib’s and a leader of Nihangs and we’re blessed to keep up this relationship. The students who went to Anandpur were able to meet him the day before Hola and also walk behind and alongside him throughout the day.


Anandpur Sahib

Hola Mahalla