Sonali Handa: STEM Grade 8 & 9

In this activity, the students conducted  an experiment of static electricity to check the effect of distance between charged objects on the electric force between them. The students rubbed two balloons each with wool to get them charged and then calculated the distance between the balloons.


The students then recorded the observations and explored how distance affects the strength of electric force. They plotted a graph between these two variables to identify the relationship between the variables and then answered the guiding questions to reach conclusions from the graph.

While conducting this experiment, the students developed an understanding of how to conduct an experiment and developed their critical thinking skills.


Amanpreet Kaur:  Humanities Grade 8 & 9

Humanities Grade 8 & 9 is currently learning about the First World War. In this photo, the students were using videos and maps to understand and make geographical and historical connections to the practices of the First World War.

As the task, the students were to describe their ideas about the impact of war via pictures. This was an opportunity for them to work hard towards their learning target using  images and mind maps to depict their work.

During this activity, the students were able to draw their thoughts and explain the different aspects they were focussing on. The students were then able to apply the concepts and content they have learned to imagine a post war scenario and describe the same in their own words.

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