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Fateh to Gold House and to all Our Great Students


Yoga Competition

The yoga competition is the final competition of the year. It’s an opportunity for the students to practice and demonstrate a basic level of yogic fitness through the yogic fitness test which is comprised of three minutes of camel pose, bow pose and 108 frogs. It’s also an opportunity for certain students to push their limits in the individual competitions. The general ability for our students to practice plank pose, stretch pose and sarabdandes are pushed forward every year. Here were this year’s results including three new high scores.

*Indicates a new high score
Plank Pose
1st Place
2nd Place
Intermediate Girls
Suraj Kaur 6:25
Sat Kriya 6:10
Intermediate Boys
Ruben* 20:11
Henry 18:45
Senior Girls
Caterina 16:53
Pritham Kirpal Kaur 12:48
Senior Boys
Manjot Singh* 31:06
Mukul 14:40
Sarban Dunde
1st Place
2nd Place
Intermediate Girls
Akashpreet Kaur 122
Jasmine 41
Intermediate Boys
Sebastian 226
Karampal 173
Senior Girls
Vega 204
Surya Bahadur Kaur 125
Senior Boys
Prabhujot Singh 222
Amarbir Singh 195
Stretch Pose
1st Place
2nd Place
Intermediate Girls
Emilia 4:40
Elisa 4:25
Intermediate Boys
Julien S* 5:46
Olage 3:20
Senior Girls
Lena 6:22
Siri Atma Kaur 5:03
Senior Boys
Karam Singh 10:58
Gurkiret Singh 5:27


Special Awards

At the end of each year we take time to celebrate those who have excelled and those who have put a tremendous amount of effort into the various aspects of the MPA program. Here are the students who were recognized this year. One unique award that was given this year was awarded to Manjot Singh for being an overall embodiment of the MPA Spirit. Manjot Singh excels in all aspects of the MPA program from academics to sports, yoga and leadership. He is always ready and willing to face anything with a positive attitude. He’s liked by all of the students and is a great representation of what MPA stands for and is trying to achieve. The yoga competition and the special awards were the last things to factor into this year’s winning house determination. Manjot Singh and fellow squad leader Paramjot Kaur led Gold House to their third victory in a row. Congratulations Gold House!

Sports – Most Improved
Amarbir Singh
Akashpreet Kaur
Angad Singh
Surya Bahadur Kaur
Gatka – Most Improved
Sevakprem Kaur
Karam Singh
Pritham Kirpal Kaur
Yoga – Most Improved
Siri Aadi Kaur
Siri Avtar Singh
Chanandev Kaur
Music – Most Improved
Amar Singh
Akal Dev Kaur
Outstanding New Student
Dharampal Singh
Jivan Jot Kaur
Mandip Singh
Most Improved Overall
Karm Singh
Overall embodiment of MPA Spirit
Manjot Singh


Competition Gold Silver Blue White
Skit 80 20 20 50
Turban Tying 63 28 46 66
Frisbee 15 20 60 45
General Knowledge Bowl 33 36 13 10
Bhangra 20 10 60 60
Halloween 84 77 57 80
Kabaddi 30 70 65 100
Basketball 32 68 65 20
Kickball 5 15 10 25
Amazing Race 54 80 56 75
Dharmic Knowledge Bowl 39 47 22 0
GPA 70 20 40 10
Intermediate Soccer 30 20 10 40
Special Dinner 158 102 97 136
Marching 40 5 10 20
Volleyball 5 10 20 40
Art Exhibition 24 21 23 17
Lawn Games 27 28 27 34
Senior Soccer 70 35 75 20
Special Awards 70 55 50 25
Yoga 95 105 35 95
Total 1044 872 861 968