The girls and boys basketball and soccer teams just got back from an exciting weekend in Delhi. This is the annual trip to play against the American Embassy School (AES). This year we also had the pleasure of playing the American Embassy School from Doha. The extra team meant that the schedule was packed!

After arriving late Thursday night, we started the day by bowing at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, then going for breakfast at Khan Market. Khan Market is a treat with several French bakeries and pastries that we don’t have in Amritsar! After stocking up on baked goods, it was off to the American Embassy School where the girls, then boys played the Doha soccer team. After that, the girls played the AES varsity team in basketball, followed by the boys. We arrived back at the hotel around 8pm, in time for some Domino’s pizza and an early-ish lights out.

The following day was even more packed with eight games in total. There were three girls soccer games, three boys soccer games and one basketball game each for both the girls and boys teams. We arrived around 8am in the morning and finished around 8pm at night. After leaving the American Embassy School, we went to Ambience Mall and had a wonderful dinner at Jamie’s (Oliver) Kitchen with a little time to shop before the mall closed.

Arriving back at the hotel at midnight, we had a short sleep and were back up and out of the hotel at 6:15am in time to make our 7:20am train back home to Amritsar. We arrived around 2pm with lots of time to rest, recuperate and get ready for the week.

Overall it was a great weekend! The teams played great, with lots of energy and spirit. Even though there weren’t alot of wins, all of the games were close and were really fun to watch. Everyone who wasn’t on the field was on the sidelines or in the bleachers cheering away. This is certainly the highlight of the soccer and basketball season at MPA and the American Embassy School is fantastic competition. We’re grateful to be invited each year and have this weekend as a focus for the team’s efforts throughout the year.

Below are some pictures from the games, you can also check out several of the soccer matches on our Facebook page where they were streamed live.

Girls Soccer

Boys Soccer

Girls Basketball

Boys Basketball


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