Over several days Amritsar celebrates Guru Ram Das Jayanti to commemorate the birth of the fourth Guru – Guru Ram Das Ji, who is known for his contributions to the Sikh community and is also credited with the founding of Amritsar. “Dhan Dhan Ramdas Guru” is chanted by the Sikh community around the globe and gurdwaras are decorated with lights to commemorate the event and pray for miracles, large and small.

At school we held an Akhand Path where everybody participated. This is an exceptional experience that allows students to form a personal relationship with the teachings. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scripture, is recited non-stop for 4 days. This Akhand Path has to be without interruption in the reading, and the students did an awesome job.

But this was only the beginning of the celebrations. On October 14th we participated in the Nagar Kirtan on the streets of Amritsar, a parade where everybody can show their Gatka skills. For 2 hours our students participated in the “Gatka Wars” on the streets and were afterwards rewarded with a delicious lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.

Another part of the celebration is the Raag Darbar where Chardi Kala Jatha with our principal Jugat Guru, Sada Sat Simran and our MJs Himmat and Gurprakash as well as one of our students, Amar Singh, were invited to play Kirtan to honor Guru Ram Das.  The first evening only the senior students were allowed to go, the second also the intermediate could listen to the kirtan.

All in all those days were packed with exciting celebrations!

Walk to nagar kirtan

Nagar Kirtan

Walk to golden temple @ night to watch chardi kala jatha

Chardi kala jatha



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