The dinner competitions have started early this year with Gold House kicking off the festivities this past Saturday night. The theme: Greece!

The dinner competition is a fantastic competition where each house prepares a themed dinner for the rest of the students and staff. They make invitations, write menus, decorate a dining tent, experiment with recipes, order groceries, chop, cook, serve a gourmet meal, provide entertainment and finally clean up after a wonderful evening. It’s an exercise in planning, budgeting, cooking, performing, service, and teamwork. After a few years of these competitions, the students really understand entertaining and the work that it takes to orchestrate an enjoyable evening.

Gold House chose Greece and Greek food for their special meal. They served a delicious meal starting with paprika-tomato hummus, olive dip, tzatziki and pita bread for an appetizer.  For the main dish, they served greek salad, vegetable casserole and Greek falafel. Dessert was a shared plate with green and purple grapes and Loukoumades (Greek donuts).

The tent was prepared simply with white table clothes with light blue runners, painted ceramic pots, candles and vines. The servers were mostly wearing white garments we might call togas with light blue embellishments. For entertainment, Johanna played Zorba the Greek on the guitar and later, five of the girls performed a traditional Greek folk dance.

It was a nice evening with many of the guests participating in the theme. There were gladiators, peasants, nobles and even a few Medusas in attendance!

Up next: Silver House!

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