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Amazing Race: Amritsar...

As part of this year’s Humanology course the squads were unleashed on Amritsar for a Amazing Race style adventure through…

40 Days of Reverence

As the year draws to a close, there are many lasts. Recently, the students completed their 40 day parkarma seva…


Warriors Saints in the Streets


Guru Ram Das Dev Ji’s birthday is always a wonderful time at the school and the highlight is participating in the Nagar Kirtan that travels all through Amritsar. It’s a chance for the students to join in the spirit of chardi kala with other devotees and demonstrate their skills in gatka. This year, like others, the Sikh Dharma International yatra joined us on the Nagar Kirtan and for lunch at Bharawan da Dhaba.


Immersed in the Nagar Kirtan