The mission statement of Miri Piri Academy was recently updated 20 years after our founding. We all felt that an update was needed to fully convey the spirit and purpose of what we are doing here at MPA. As we continue to work to improve the school, it is imperative that everyone is clear on exactly what we’re aiming to do and why. This mission statement now reflects more clearly and truthfully the direct message that the Siri Singh Sahib told to Jugat Guru Singh about the mission of the school in the early years of Miri Piri Academy.

In addition, it was a natural extension of the clarifying process to also write down the values that we are focused on teaching the students. To that end, there are now ten values that are identified, described and supported by quotes from the Siri Singh Sahib. Both the mission statement and the statement of values are displayed in the foyer of the Academic Building for all to see.




MPA Mission Statement

Miri Piri Academy is committed to creating an environment for students and staff that fosters mastery of the mind and elevation of the spirit, which allows the student to experience the depth and power of their being. Through the practice of a Dharmic lifestyle, the technology of Kundalini Yoga, and our academic program, we nurture a love for learning and provide our students the foundation of self confidence and skills to face any challenge life presents to them. Miri Piri Academy inspires generations to live as courageous, kind and conscious human beings who, through their service, help create strong international communities and elevate the spirit of all.

Miri Piri Academy Values

Self-Reliance: Build your inner resources and confidence so that when the call comes, you can uplift yourself and others.
Self-reliance conquers any difficulty. – Yogi Bhajan
Self-Awareness: Meditate so that you can know your SELF beyond thoughts and emotions.
You are not body. You are not mind. You are not spirit. You are the combining force of these three. You are the commandant in charge of the trinity. You are not the trinity.- Yogi Bhajan
Discipline: From within your self-awareness develop personal discipline so that you can establish healthy habits for body, mind and spirit.
It is your birthright to be happy, and happiness only comes to a disciple with a discipline.  – Yogi Bhajan
Grit: Develop within yourself the courage and the stamina to keep up through any challenge, within you or outside of you.
The greatest progress in life is when you know your limitations, and then you have the courage to drop them. – Yogi Bhajan
Integrity: Be who you are and follow through on your commitments so that you can be trusted.
If you give your word, let the entire universe fall before you, but let your word stand. – Yogi Bhajan
Attitude of Gratitude: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude so that circumstances, good or bad, cannot shake you.
If you just feel happy for what you have, have an attitude of gratitude, and be grateful, then it will come true—you will be GREAT and you will be FULL. – Yogi Bhajan
Reverence: Approach all of creation with reverence.
Without reverence, you cannot have happiness, I don’t care how many people love each other but I do care how many people have reverence for each other, respect for each other. – Yogi Bhajan
Group Consciousness: When group consciousness is established, where you care for others, then you can progress to Universal Consciousness.
Recognize that the other person is you. – Yogi Bhajan
Service: Serve others so that your life will have meaning and purpose.
You are here to serve, here to lift, here to grace, here to give hope and action, to give the very deep love of your soul to all those who are in need. – Yogi Bhajan
Cherdi Kalaa: Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light. – Yogi Bhajan

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