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Watch out for the Hammer


The first sports competition of the year was the frisbee competition. Many of the students play ultimate frisbee during mandatory sports time each week with Amrit Singh on the front lawn of campus. It’s a great game that’s fun for all.

For this tournament, each house played all of the other houses in first to five point games. Although White House was the favourite going in, Blue House ended up winning all three of their games, with White House coming second, Silver House third and Gold House fourth.

In addition to the tournament there was a longest throw contest for seniors and an intermediate game where the aim was to knock over a full water bottle with your frisbee. For these contests, Caterina (Gold) and Prabhujot Singh (Blue) had the longest throws and Olage (Blue) and Akashpreet (White) knocked over the water bottle first.

Silver house vs white house

Gold house vs blue house