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The Lion and the Mouse


In week four, we started the learning unit about drawing in Grade 5. The first task was to imagine a picture and to transfer that image from the imagination to a piece of paper in the form of a drawing. Easier said than done! 

The unit started with the teacher reading aloud a short story about a mouse and a lion without showing the students any pictures. The students then had to draw a picture from their imagination depicting the mouse and the lion from the story. The result was that the imagined picture and the drawing did not always correspond. To transfer a picture from imagination to a 2D piece of paper is difficult.

The second task was to practice drawing a mouse using shapes. We had already learned about shapes in a previous lesson. The result was great! The mouse was now much closer to how a real mouse might look.

The third task was to draw the lion using shapes, again the results showed much improvement. Well done Grade 5 for being so patient with your drawing skills and for working hard!