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We’re back!

We’re back in the swing of things here at MPA after the 12th grade class trip, Winter Break and Humanology…

Light of Guru Nanak Yatra

Written by our student Hana Goodkind. Our 12th-grade class traveled to Sultanpur Lodhi last Monday to join the “Light of…


The First Semester is Complete!


Exams finished today! The students have been focused all week on their exams taking one or two per day, according to their schedule. There are have been extra study times carved out of the schedule and the whole school has been focused on academics this week, with the grade 12s taking their exams last week.

We’re off to a movie now to celebrate the end of exams; then we have one day to prepare for our Winter Break. Tomorrow we’ll go to the Golden Temple in the morning, have sports at midday, the students will pack and clean up their rooms in the afternoon before dinner, and then we’ll finish the evening with a meditation. First thing Sunday morning we’ll all be on a train to Rishikesh to enjoy Winter Break.

We wish our family around the world a Happy Holidays!