The teachers recently completed a two-day workshop focused on learning how to recognize and effectivity teach students with special needs as well as gifted and talented children. The workshop leaders, Ima Kazmi and Sujatha Ramanam, traveled from The British School in New Delhi to share their expertise. Ima Kazmi’s focus in on gifted and talented children, while Sujatha Ramanam’s specialty is working with children with special needs.
The workshop was well received by all of the teachers. The teachers enjoyed taking time from the usual schedule to increase their skill and understanding and relished the opportunity to sit and learn together. For some of the teachers, this was their first time receiving a workshop of this sort, while others felt like it was a refresher. All of the teachers emerged from the workshop re-energized and motivated to continue tailoring their classes and teaching approaches to the needs of the students. As Kirandeep Kaur said in the newsletter, this workshop and the changes that have been made to help support our English Language Learners are going a long way in helping each student reach their potential.

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