Every year our 12 graders go for their senior class trip to Malaysia and Thailand instead of winter-break and this is their first-hand report from 12th grade student, Hana Goodkind.

The senior class trip is an opportunity for the 12th graders to travel, bond and have fun together, as well as receiving the opportunity to visit and teach with another branch of our 3ho and Sikh Sangat in Malaysia. Our trip was more than 2 weeks long. It began with a week in Malaysia where we were hosted by Anil Singh and his very service full, devoted Sikh family who live in Kuala Lumpur. It really gave us a perspective and experience of the daily life and routine of a practicing, community-minded Sikh family. During that week we had the opportunity to do Seva with the family, sit in their gurdwara, teach Kundalini yoga at their yoga studio, and together participated in a Reman Japa course.

We also enjoyed an array of other fun activities like the trampoline park, paintballing and Christmas shopping. Silver house girls squad leader Celesta commented that the mix between all of the activities really gave her a chance to bond with her classmates. Amber felt similar and added that she felt like she could pre-experience the world outside, with the Sangat and her classmates.

We flew to Thailand a week later, on Monday morning. The excitement was high! We were greeted by warm weather, bright sunshine, long stretches of beach and a gorgeous hotel.

Throughout the days a few activities were organized with the entire class, like island hopping, snorkeling, temple visits and hot spring dips. Otherwise, we were granted freedom to roam, explore, swim, eat, shop and hang out in Krabi in groups together.


Travel photos by Prabhu Jot


by Amber


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