White House was the latest house to compete in the dinner competition. They did an excellent job with their Malaysian theme. Everything seemed to run quite smoothly for White House. They were really organized, kept the kitchen clean as they went, finished up early, and submitted their receipts on time.

For the feast they served curry puffs and watermelon for appetizer, the main included white rice, tofu curry, greens, roasted peanuts and cucumber slices. Finally, dinner was homemade Oreo ice cream and banana. For entertainment Lady Nisaka (Lila), Taran Adi, Linda and Joti danced for the guests; the lady’s aide, Delfina, had each table solve a riddle; Delfina also went around the room serenading the guests; they invited guests to dance and at the very end, lit lanterns that they released into the sky.

While Mandeep Singh was in charge of the food for the evening, squad leaders, Luna and Dharam Singh facilitated the evening with everyone working hard to make it a success. Here’s what Luna had to say:

“The past three years, White House has picked an Asian theme and we’ve done well every time. For me, it wasn’t important which theme we chose but it was important to Dharam Singh that we pick an Asian theme. Originally we chose Israel, but when Gold House chose Greek, we thought that Greek food and Israeli food were too similar so we switched our theme to Indonesia. Indonesian food is very similar to Malaysian food and with Mandeep from Malaysia leading the kitchen, we thought it was a good fit.

Overall, the evening went well. There were a couple of mishaps. We had trouble with our music. There was an awkward break in between the two songs. We also prepared to have some drums at the beginning of the evening but we forgot about that.

There were a few things that weren’t planned that worked out really well. Delfina went around to the tables doing spontaneous entertainment. We also had this dance competition at the end that we didn’t plan. Then, everyone went out of the tent for the lighting of the lanterns and that worked out well. It was a good finish and got everyone out of the tent so we could clean up.

This event brought the whole squad closer together. When we were finished, we sat together and ate ice cream all together. It was really nice.”

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