About the Gathering

Get inspired in the company of peers from MPA, to renew old friendships and bond with new MPA friends through doing the inspiring things you most loved in your time in MPA. This and enjoying a beautiful New Year together with special activities for our Alumni. We will be practicing your familitar activities at MPA, including celebrating the New Year together, visiting the Golden Temple and your favourite sites around Amritsar. This time we are travelling to Dharamshala together as a group, and are also planning to visit the Kartarpur corridor India-Pakistan to Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur where Guru Nanak lived for 18 years.

MPA alumni gathering
Early Bird (Before December 1, 2023): $500*

*Late Registration (After December 1, 2023): $600
Please note: Registrants after December 1st may not go to Kartarpur.
Cost includes all transportation, accommodation and food on campus.

Camp Schedule

The schedule will be created with alumni to respond to the group’s wishes on how to spend their camp. Here is an overview of the places we will visit during the camp.

* Date Activity
Day 1 Dec 28 Arrival
Day 2 Dec 29 Amritsar
Day 3 Dec 30 Kartarpur: Indo-Pakistan Corridor
Day 4 Dec 31 New Year’s Dip
Day 5-9 Jan 1-4 Dharamsala
Day 10-12 Jan 5-7 Amritsar
Day 13 Jan 8 Departure

Enrolment is open