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Breathtaking Leh

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Halloween Season MPA Style.?


In true MPA tradition halloween and the Halloween Competition were fabulous again this year. On Halloween the intermediate girls and boys went for a trick and treat on campus and were rewarded with lots of sweets. The whole trip started at Jugat Guru’s house and afterwards the kids split up in groups and knocked on all staff doors. Pumpkins were carved, costumes were created and performances were practiced.

On the weekend then we had the Halloween Competition in front of the academic building with a little dance afterwards. Some costumes were very creative and the girls for sure did a lot of rehearsing for their shows!

Best Intermediate Girl: Siri Sunderi

Best Intermediate Boy: Eric

Best Senior Boy: Ravijit

Best Senior Girl: Chanandev

Best Group Costume: Pac Man – Elisa, Cate, Amar, PJ, Siri Atma

Best Performance: Panda, Candy, Merry

Houses: 1st Gold (91), 2nd White (87), 3rd Blue (81), 4th Silver (84)

Pumpking Carving

Halloween Competition