Turban Tying Competition!

This Saturday was the Turban Tying competition. Everyone showed up to formation pugari in hand, ready to tie their best turban to show off to the judges. The competition took place in the art building. The students first tied their smaller under turbans and stood in line squad by squad to be judeged. After the under turban’s had been judged the students went back upstairs and had ten minutes to tie their full turbans. After ten minutes the staff called “hands off!” and the students again lined up downstairs to display their best turbans to the judges. The judges looked each turban over, paying attention to every wrap and crease, no mistake escaped their vigilant and meticulous gaze. As each squad lined up the rest of the student body watched and cheered.

At the end the judges totaled up the scores for each house and then awarded additional awards for best senior boy and girl turban, best intermediate turban, and best junior turban.

The winner of the turban tying competition is… Gold House!

Over the years the squad competition trophy has been eluding their grasp, they haven’t fared to well in the past so I was happy to see them win this one.