Halloween and Día de Los Muertos

DSC_0004-copyThis past weekend we celebrated Halloween, as it is called in the US, and El Día de Los Muertos as it is called in México. So many of our students enjoy these traditions from their home countries, and other students look forward to sharing their tradition in grand style every year. It started with some pumpkin carving to decorate the school then on Friday night we had trick or treat for the youngest children. The students went from one place to the other to meet the staff members at their houses and apartments, who were all ready to greet them with candy and spooky decorations. The kids had a blast!

We also placed an altar for honoring the dead, as it is traditional in México for Día de los Muertos, a colorful, beautiful way to acknowledge the lives of loved ones and friends. We leave some offerings in loving memory of their souls such as fruit and sweets. The students did the drawings of the calaveritas (skulls) and Ananda Kaur organized it with the help of the other Mexican staff to embrace that sacred longtime tradition.

On Saturday night we had the Halloween Competition. The most important thing for the students was not only to have their costumes ready, but also to create a performance or a dance show. We were blessed with the presence of Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson, The Scorpions, Kiss, the Disney Princesses, all the different characters of Star Wars, and more. One of the funniest skits was Pimp my Rickshaw. We all had such a good laugh! It was played by members of Gold House and it was so good that it made them the winners.  Blue House was second with different scary dance shows,  Silver House third and then White House. This time the students did not necessary compete with their houses, but each student gained points for their particular costume and performance, so it gave them the chance to work with their friends from the other houses and play different roles during the shows. 

The students are so creative when it comes to showing what they can do. They work closely with each other, they are great with team work and many of them are so confident on stage! After all the shows were over, the students from 11th grade sold cookies and hot chocolate to collect funds for the 12th graders graduation party at the end of the year. Then we turned on the music and danced till it was time to go back to the dorms and sleep in anticipation of another great morning of Parkarma Seva just around the corner.