About Tuition and Financial Aid

If you are inspired to come to MPA, we will work with you to make your dream possible.   We offer several payment plans and a Financial Aid program to help parents pay for a private school education.


Tuition and Fees for the 2020-2021 school year will be as follows:

  • Grade 6th to 7th: INR 1,125,000
  • Grade 8th to 10th: INR 1,213,000
  • Grade 11: INR 1,259,000
  • Grade 12: INR 1,359,000

For new students, an Entrance Fee of INR 118,000 is also required at the beginning of the school year. For a detailed explanation of all costs, please review the 2020-2021 Tuition, Fees and Payment Policies.

Payment Plans

Miri Piri Academy offers several payment plans to help our parents spread the cost of their child’s education over the course of the school year.

Financial Aid

Even if you cannot afford the full cost of tuition and fees, we will work with you to try to make it possible for you to enroll.  More than 60% of our student body receives significant Financial Aid. To apply for Financial Aid please click on the button below and then follow instructions to fill out and submit the online Financial Aid application form. A new form must be filled out each year to be eligible.

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