Parkarma Seva

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Every year, there comes a time when we all wake up at two in the morning to go humbly wash the floors of Sri Harmandir Sahib, most commonly known as The Golden Temple. The Golden Temple gets as many as 10,000 visitors a day, and triple fold on holidays and …

Focus on Learning


When teachers and administrators have a common vision of “focusing on student success and improving student learning”, a powerful collaborative team is essential to make that vision a reality.  The MPA Professional Learning Community-Focus on Learning team was created on 13th October, 2010 with the following members:  Bhupinderjeet Kaur, Devneet …

Academic Orientation and Introductions

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Students gathered in the Gurdwara to hear from Kirandeep Kaur, our Academic Principal, about our expectations and hopes for their education this year.  Students were introduced to our teachers and were able to ask questions and get to know the staff who would be helping them learn all year.

Teacher Professional Development

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Each year the teachers of Miri Piri Academy gather several weeks before the students arrive to begin planning for the coming year and learning new techniques and skills to add to their repertoire.  This year teachers focused on goal setting and providing effective feedback to students and their parents. The …

Starting The Year Off Right

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What better way to commence the beginning of a new year here at Miri Piri Academy than by climbing a mountain? A three-day hike through the western Himalayas would definitely start the year off with a strong and united group spirit! After the arrival of students from all different parts …