Panj Sarovars

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To complete the year, we dipped at the five sarovars of Amritsar and it was an amazing experience. We started early, at 1:30am, getting back to the school at 5:00am. The students then had a few hours to sleep before an 8:45am breakfast and their last day of exams. For this …


Final Exams Have Begun

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This week, final exams are being held across all grades. It’s the culmination of the student’s academic year and their opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge on selected subjects. Many students have been putting in extra hours of studying, but the schedule at Miri Piri Academy doesn’t allow for cramming; it demands the students …


This Week in the Classroom

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Mitosis The grade 11A biology students prepared flip books to demonstrate how mitosis occurs in the human body. They also made presentations of the process. Child Labour Grade 7 students, Jaap, Karampal and Hajoor, researched how several organizations are currently working to curb child labor. This project helped them comprehend the …


84 Steps to Liberation

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This past Saturday, we finished our 40 days of seva and sadhana. Upon completion, those students who were interested, and didn’t have Cambridge exams on Monday, were offered the opportunity to travel to Goindwal to embark on a very special spiritual practice. Goindwal is where the third guru, Guru Amar …


Fiesta de Mascaras

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The final house dinner was held on Saturday night, hosted by Silver House. The theme: Fiesta de Mascaras. Everyone was given a mask to wear to conceal their identity. Silver House had their work cut out for them. After a morning of rain, it looked as if the sky had …


This Week in the Classroom

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Calorie Counters The grade 10A biology students collected data on the amount of calories present in various types of food. They then categorized the food they and others ate into the following categories: fruit, vegetables, cereals, grains and other. They calculated the total calories consumed each day and plotted it on …