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Our Culture

Mind Body and Soul

Every pupil that walks through the doors of Miri Piri Academy can understand who they are and appreciate life.

Learning is a lifetime adventure, and we are aware that everyone has to understand how to learn to navigate and make decisions throughout their lives.
Our spiritual curriculum:
  • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
  • Sikh Dharma and Teaching
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Academics and Sports
Roundel for Mind body & Soul

Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Balance

Everything we do and teach at school is infused with the dynamic, living notion of Miri Piri. The sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind, is responsible for the invention of the Miri Piri idea. Our campus, which was established on his ancestral grounds, is infused with the spirit and history of his legacy.

It serves as the basis for how we perceive being human. Our experiences of the visible, material world is called Miri, while our perceptions of the invisible, spiritual world are called Piri. In today's environment, this necessitates an open heart, a clear intellect, a strong sense of self, and a supportive community. By participating more actively in political and social issues, we can become more intellectually literate, socially conscious, and physically capable of resisting oppressive forces.

How we do it:
MPA students meditating

Clear Mind:

Through investigation, curiosity, self-awareness, contemplation, and meditation.

Strong Body

Through grit, discipline, courage, perseverance, and adventure.
MPA students on Adventure trip
MPA students doing seva

Open Heart:

Through compassion, appreciation, service, humility, and reverence.

Flowing Spirit:

Through kinship, joy, zeal, experience, and assurance.
MPA students Jaipur

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Our Culture

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Chinese student at MPA

Global Prespective

Since its inception, MPA has grown in beauty and influence, hosting students from over 39 countries on campus.

Miri Piri student doing seva

Devoted in Service

Selfless service is known as ‘Seva.’

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