Character Traits


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Character Traits

Three fundamental tenets of Sikh philosophy serve as the foundation for our entire curriculum.

Students graduate from MPA with an understanding of how to live as brave, compassionate, and conscientious individuals who bring the spirit of service, reverence, and persistence to whatever they choose to accomplish and who they become.
Students of all abilities are challenged and supported to do more than they think they can at MPA. An ethic of excellence is cultivated through the academic, physical and spiritual life programmes.


Habits of Work and Learning
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Naam Japo: Meditate & Self-Reflect

  • I connect with myself & become neutral before beginning any activity.
  • I cultivate my spirit through contemplative practice.
  • I recognise the power of my words.

Kirat Karo: Work Hard

  • I arrive for each class on time & prepared.
  • I apply myself 100% to every activity.
  • I take responsibility for my learning by asking questions & seeking help when needed.
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Vand Chako: Share with Others

  • I work cooperatively with others.
  • I take care of shared resources and act as a steward of our community.
  • I look for opportunities to share my time, attention and resources with others.

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Day School

We believe that meaningful learning is a transformative process that includes the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Our students are engaged and motivated by understanding that their learning has relevance, meaning and purpose.
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Applying to MPA is a quick and easy online process. Once your application is submitted, we will call for an interview and walk you through all the steps.

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School Values

As part of our curriculum, students engage in Sikh culture, but there is no expectation that they would convert to the Sikh faith.

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