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Located on the ancestral land of Guru Hargobind Sahib, Miri Piri Academy is situated on 13 acres of lush Punjabi farmland.

The academic building has air-conditioned and heated classrooms and labs with air filtration. Also on campus are medical facilities, a dining room facility and an organic garden that provides fresh vegetables. Clean drinking water is provided through an on-campus well with RO filtration system.
Our students and faculty make use of all parts of campus, creating a calm environment in which to work and learn.


Facilities on the MPA campus are as follows
2 miri piri students boxing

Sporting Facilities

Two soccer fields
Two basketball courts
Kabaddi field
Gatka field
Walking track


Wi-Fi enabled
Chemistry and Physics lab
Computer lab
Computer lab at Miri Piri academy

Art Buildling

Art room

Other Facilities

Yoga Hall
Music room
Yoga Hall at MPA

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Boarding School

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Residential Programme

A strong feeling of camaraderie and discipline permeates MPA's campus life

Spiritual Life

At Miri Piri Academy, spiritual education and practice are a fundamental part of the daily life of the Day and Boarding students

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Applying to MPA is a quick and easy online process. Once your application is submitted, we will call for an interview and walk you through all the steps.

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Our school delivers a robust Cambridge curriculum to Boarding and Day school learners.

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