At MPA, we strive to teach the habits of living well and to provide experiences that lead students to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.
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Located in Amritsar, India we are an international school for students of grade 5-12. We offer a British curriculum for day-boarders and residential students. We also offer flexible programs for after school learning and life-long learning.

The MIRI PIRI Difference

Our role is to give pupils the skill & confidence
to navigate their own paths through life.

Spiritual Life

At Miri Piri Academy, spiritual education and practice are a fundamental part of the daily life of the Day and Boarding students.

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Character Traits

Students at MPA know how to live as brave, caring and mindful individuals upholding the spirit of service, reverence and tenacity even after graduating.


Students actively participate in academics, physical education, yoga, meditation and other out of school activities.

Events are meticulously planned with great ardour to provide children a platform to showcase skills, hone their talents, learn a new activity and develop a new interest. MPA seeks to provide its students a multitude of experiences for their holistic development.
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Campus updates and news show how our students are training to be leaders in the 21st century. Pupils confidently display their abilities and passions on the artistic and academic fronts, while our faculty and staff are brimming with fresh and forward-thinking concepts.
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Our learners are inspired to set new goals, break new ground and make new achievements as they strive for excellence. Activities at MPA help students realize their potential, work on their strengths and weaknesses, and prepare to address the contemporary challenges of tomorrow with grace.
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From our Students

Every day, students are inspired to set new goals, break new ground and make new achievements. We are all integral members of one big family that learns and grows together.
Diversity is our strength, equality our right.