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Miri Piri Academy is committed to creating an environment for students and staff that fosters mastery of the mind and elevation of the spirit which allows students to experience the depth and power of their being. We nurture a love for learning and provide our students the foundation of self-confidence and skills to face any challenge life presents to them.

Our ambitious academic, spiritual and residential school program is only possible with a team of highly dedicated and talented staff. We currently have vacancies in 2 positions for the 2021-2022 academic year.


Interdisciplinary Studies Teacher

At Miri Piri Academy, meaningful learning is defined as a transformative process in which understanding, application and thoughtful reflection on information lead to changes in a person’s behavior or perception of the world around them.

Our teachers bring passion, professionalism and strong sense of commitment to their position and support our students in living up to the mission of the school.

An MPA Teacher demonstrates…

  • Passion for teaching and learning.
  • Commitment to meet the learning needs for every student.
  • Openness and awareness of multiple perspectives and their place within the classroom.
  • A growth mindset towards teaching and learning.

An MPA Teacher understands that….

  • The best teaching takes into account individual student starting points, interests and learning styles.
  • Students need a well-structured learning environment that empowers students to think, create, innovate and collaborate.
  • Conceptual understanding develops when students have opportunities to develop their own theories and relate their learning to the world beyond the classroom.

An MPA Teacher is able to…..

  • Design and deliver relevant student-centered instruction and assessment.
  • Analyze student performance (quantitative and qualitative) and collaborate with other teachers to improve student outcomes.

The Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) program at Miri Piri Academy is designed to integrate the mission and philosophy of the Academy into a uniquely challenging multidisciplinary academic curriculum. The two-block classes are team taught and give credit to students in two or more disciplines (including but not limited to English, History, Religion, Art, Sociology, Anthropology). They meet three times a week.  

Please read the complete IDS teacher job description.

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Medical Coordinator / School Counsellor

The Medical Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the care, medical appointments, and parent communication for any child who is sick or injured, and for scheduling of the medical staff. They are responsible to ensure that the nurses’ room on campus is stocked with all basic emergency, first aid and preventative care inventory according to Miri Piri Academy policy, and for ensuring that the care provided at the nurses’ room is in accordance with school policy and procedure and the highest standard of hygiene possible. 

The school counsellor is the point person for responding to and being aware of the emotional and mental health needs of the student body. They are able to meet one-on-one with students to help them work through any issues regarding academics, interpersonal relationships or other issues. When appropriate, the counsellor works with parents to arrange other therapy or psychiatric care as needed. The school counsellor also helps mediate conflict between students as it arises.

Please read the Medical Coordinator / School Counsellor job description.

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