Travel and Visa Requirements

Passport and Visa Requirements

Once your child has been accepted as a student at Miri Piri Academy, an official Letter of Acceptance will be issued. This letter is necessary to apply for a visa from the Indian Consulate General. In order for your child to attend Miri Piri Academy, he or she must have a valid passport from their country of citizenship, and a Student (S) Visa issued from the Indian Consulate General in his or her State or Country. Please note that if a child arrives at our school with an Entry (X) Visa or a Tourist (T) Visa, we are unable to allow them to study at our school.  Students must be a legal resident of India or have a Student (S) Visa to study at Miri Piri Academy.      

Travel Arrangements

Miri Piri Academy parents are responsible for making all travel arrangements for their children within the following guidelines:

Arrival and Departure Guidelines
  • Students must arrive on campus during the School Arrival Window and depart during the School Departure Window. For details click here.   Any student that arrives late or departs early without the express written permission of the Principal will be charged an INR 6000 Absence Fee per day. Parents of 10th and 12th grade students who are taking CIE exams are advised to purchase tickets with changeable return dates in case their child’s exams end before the last official exam dates. Exam dates will be published in the month of September.
  • Students may arrive and depart with the chaperoned group, or they may be picked up or dropped off at the Amritsar International Airport or the Amritsar Train Station.
  • Parents are expected to book their flights and send us the itinerary at least one month before the student will be traveling.  If we do not receive an itinerary within one month of a student’s departure from Miri Piri Academy, we will book the child a one-way ticket home and bill parents accordingly.
Chaperoned Flights

To facilitate supervised travel, a chaperone is sent on a flight through a primary travel center each year. Parents will be informed about the specifics at the time of enrollment and they have the option to book their child on the flight with the chaperoned group or arrange an alternate travel plan. All students traveling on the chaperoned flight will be charged a Chaperone Fee each way.

Travel Agents

The travel agents listed below have done work with us in the past. We are providing their information for your convenience, but we cannot guarantee their quality or reliability. Verinder Chopra, Four Season Travel NY Email: [email protected] Phone: +1-212-779-9622 Gunbir Singh, Divine Destinations: Email: [email protected] Phone: 91-183-325-1515/1414

What to Bring

Students are expected to bring all required items listed in the official Packing List.  In case the required items are not available or cannot fit within airline luggage allowances, students may purchase required items using funds from their Incidental Deposit.