Vladimir, Grade 11, Russia

Marketing General

When I came here, I wasn’t the person I am now. I was a really depressed, really non-social, super introvert. Then somehow people started talking to me and I found it really weird and then it kind of built up and I found a few friends and I started talking, I started learning English more and I started really enjoying the process. And I started disciplining myself more each and every day I try to improve. I started doing sadhanas everyday and my negativity and depression just started to float away as the time passed on.

I feel like I’ve changed so much since last year. From the beginning of last year to the end of last year. I came out a different person. And I was so shocked at myself of the result. I didn’t try as hard as I thought I did now that I look back but still, I got the result, which is incredible. And that’s why I decided to come back. There’s still so much to improve. And this year I’m just going to try harder.

The main point of the school is to motivate yourself to do things. You cannot be motivated from the outside by slotz. There’s no way. If you come here you have to have a purpose to change something or to improve somewhere or do something with yourself.

This is the best place I’ve known so far.