Shamayam, USA, Grade 10

Marketing General

What I like best about the school is the dedication that everyone puts into everything. I don’t always agree with everything but I truly appreciate the dedication. From the sadhana, to the banis, going to the Golden Temple, cleaning it and getting fully involved; I really love that. Depending on the yoga set, I really enjoy the yoga and the evening meditations. I like to hear about the meditations, what they’re for, it really makes me think.

What I feel I’m learning the most here is responsibility and self-assurance. I’ve grown a lot since being here and discovered some of the strengths I already have. What I’ve learned about myself is that I have good planning skills and I’m responsible and cautious. But even though I’m responsible, I procrastinate a lot. I’ve also learned that I have more patience than I thought. I didn’t think that I would coming from back home where everything is so hustle and bustle.

When I leave here, I think I’ll go home with a better knowledge of myself and I’ll be more self assured. I feel like I’ll grasp opportunities knowing when they come, rather than getting side-tracked and impressed by the bling of American culture. I’m going to miss the people and India. I’m glad that I got to experience a different way of living and see how people can be so devoted to spirituality.