Satinderpal Singh

Marketing General

I’ve started reading my banis since coming to MPA. When there’s free time during school or when I’m on the bus, I’ll read my banis. I feel good when I do that. It’s good for me and it’s a good start for my day.

Before coming to MPA, I used to go to the Golden Temple on Sundays with my parents but it wasn’t that fun. We would go for an hour and then come back. With the school, it’s a lot of fun. We do seva, roam around; it’s a different experience. I have come to know about new places. I found two new chai places, some old buildings and some new temples and gurdwaras that are nearby.

The most challenging thing about coming here was the PT at the beginning of the year. I never did a lot of exercise back home so that was hard at first. But now I do everything and put my best in everything. I’m skinnier now and in good shape.

It was also hard at the start of the year to live in the dorms. I didn’t know how to live alone because I have my mom back home and I didn’t know anyone here. The first month was hard but then I started making friends. Now we mess around and have a lot of fun. Living at MPA has also taught me time management skills. I’m the type of person that doesn’t have time management but MPA has taught me that.