Premnath Singh

Marketing General

I’m really into yoga. I practice by myself a lot and it’s amazing. Last year, near the beginning of the year, me and a friend of mine, got into trouble at school and were given a 40 day yoga set to practice called ‘Harnessing the Animal Force’. It was my first real experience of yoga and I really applied myself. I took the forty days as an opportunity, instead of a punishment, and it helped me so much. Every day it was challenging but it was amazing.

After about thirty to thirty five days of the yoga set, I felt something shifting. I used to say things without thinking a lot. One moment I’d be saying something and the next moment I’d realize what I’d said was super stupid and that I shouldn’t have said it. After about thirty five days, I realized that the words were in my head but I wasn’t speaking them; that I could control that now, which was amazing.