Nova, Germany, Grade 11, 3rd year

Marketing General

At MPA you always get pushed harder and you feel that you always need to do better. At home, you have your mom telling you that you’re doing alright and that you’re that perfect little girl but you don’t have that here. Here, you have to be self-reliant. You have to take care of yourself and learn your own limit. You need to learn when you need to take a break and at what point you need to keep pushing. At times you have to pick yourself up and keep going. Even though you have other people telling you you can do it, it’s always yourself that picks you up and not the people around you. Sometimes that’s hard, but you get through it with everyone behind you.

MPA has taught me to be myself. I’ve always been myself but I lost it a little bit before I came here. When I was younger, I was really open. I had so much energy and suddenly it all changed. As I got older, it mattered what you looked like, what you wore, and how much money your parents made. It suddenly didn’t matter anymore what you did. It was really important for me to come here and find myself again because that’s who I am and that’s who I want to be and that’s what makes me happy. That’s something that MPA taught me and if I hadn’t come here, it really could have gone differently.