Elis, Grade 9, Brazil

Marketing General

This is my third year at MPA and the year that I’m developing myself the most. I’m applying myself in yoga and it’s making a big difference for me this year. During the forty day seva, I did the meditation “Learning to Meditate.” That one helps a lot with focus, which has been helping me with my studies. I’ve been getting really good grades because I’ve been able to focus in class and ignore my friends who are talking. I didn’t have that control before and now I do.

Being away from your parents is hard but it teaches you a lot of things. For one thing, it gives you a lot of independence. Before I came here I was totally dependent on my parents and I’m not anymore. The school changes how you think and it helps you in a lot of ways. It makes you not only physically strong but mentally strong.

You also learn a lot about the culture here. We go to many gurdwaras each year and the Golden Temple. These are experiences that not everyone can have and we can have it twice a week. I remember the exact feeling I had walking into the Golden Temple for the first time and seeing that beautiful place. It was amazing. The energy you feel there and in India is a totally different energy.